Online Casinos

Gaming at high quality online casinos is one of the most enjoyable leisure options in cyberspace, providing casual and serious gamers with a uniquely satisfying gaming environment that delivers an astonishingly realistic casino game-scape.

Online Casino Games, Strategies and Bonuses The first thing that most gamers want to know is, ‘how big are the jackpots?’ The truth is, online casinos can deliver jackpots that are truly life changing exceeding half a million dollars on some of the biggest and most daring progressive slot machines. Of course, you need to be one in a million to win a mega-jackpot, but the web is full of winners and there’s a much better chance of landing more modest payouts.

Many online casinos publish frequently updated payout details, letting you know just how hot each casino is.

Naturally, there’s no nope of striking a jackpot every time you play at online casinos it’s therefore important to opt for casinos with high average payout ratios (the factor that defines your ‘bread and butter’ winning potential). For example, good casino payouts should always exceed 95%, preferably as high as 98.5% or more. Remember, in the long term, even a 1% difference in average payouts will make a difference to your gaming bank! The best way to ensure you only play at online casinos with reputable payouts, is to select venues with independently verified payout data (usually available on the websites).

The payout levels at reputable online casinos are very highly controlled and regulated delivering the fairest ever gaming platform. In fact, the web uses the same sophisticated technology used in electronic games in place like Monte Carlo and Las Vegas itself.

Online Casino Games, Strategies and Bonuses When it comes to choosing which games to play at online casinos, you have two main choices luck games or skill games. Ironically, the games offering the biggest payouts are often those based most on luck such as progressive jackpot slot games. In contrast, skill games at online casinos such as blackjack and poker have smaller max win levels, but can deliver consistent payouts for skilled gamers (creating the potential of a serious long term profit). The good news is that even novice gamers can play both niches of games, and every game can essentially be played with the power of lady luck. For the ultimate blend of simple game-play, skill potential, rewards and exhilaration, video poker is the number one game in every online casino.

Casino bonuses can be enticing to every gamer, but it’s preferable to never expose yourself to risk when playing at online casinos for the first time. Therefore, many experts recommend opting for no-deposit bonuses, rather than match bonuses which require you to make a cash deposit. The risk-free options can be found at numerous high quality online casinos, providing you with free gaming credits and access to an instant-play bonus session where you can wager every penny to try and win free cash. The beauty of no-deposit bonuses is if you lose… you haven’t lost a penny! In contrast, if you have a bad session with a match bonus, you’ll have blown your own cash!

Games at Online Casinos

Whether you’re a novice gamer, a leisure gamer or a player with serious casino aspiration there’s always one question that everyone wants to know about online casinos. Which is of course can online casinos be beaten’? The answer is potentially yes but it takes dedication, some good fortune and playing the right skill games!


Slots are not a game to be played with serious skill in online casinos. Simply put every spin holds jackpot potential but it’s down to pure chance if you click to spin at the right millisecond! Instead, play slots for their sheer entertainment value, enjoy the 95-98.5% average payouts and keep your fingers crossed that you play the online casinos at just the right time to change your life! However, if you really want to try and beat the machines, the following tips have been used with some success in online casinos:

  1. Use a stop-loss & profit target for every session in online casinos
  2. Play mid-tier payout slots
  3. Change machines after 20 losing spins


The ‘Devil’s Game’ is always up for debate regarding its response to strategic play in online casinos. Although it’s really a game of chance, the table can be approached with logical game-play potentially delivering some success in online casinos. For example, every casino player knows how slot machines go through hot and cold sessions and it’s the same with casino roulette. However, the difference with the roulette table is the opportunity to locate the hot and cold areas of the table in online casinos. For example, according to betting systems such as Andrucci, roulette numbers will go through hot and cold cycles. To win at roulette in online casinos, it’s proposed that you simply need to find the ‘value’ by betting on the numbers with a high win frequency. Does it work? Potentially yes, but there’s absolutely no guarantee.


Blackjack has taken zillions from the world’s biggest casinos thanks to the game’s awesome response to hardcore skill-play, known as ‘card counting’. However, while it’s possible to learn to card count in online casinos, the debate rages over the technique’s effectiveness in cyberspace. Fortunately, there is an alternative for casino players logical blackjack gaming the ideal way for average players to play with some basic blackjack skill in online casinos. Checkout this simple double-down betting strategy, and try it out with a free-play bonus in high class online casinos:

Double-down if the dealer’s hand is 4, 5 or 6 and your first 2 cards have a value of either 10 or 11, or alternatively – if the house’s card equals 3-6 and your 2 card combo contains an Ace and a numbered card. However, if the casino’s face-up card is a 10 or face card, never double down or risk paying the price for your greed!

Video Poker

The ease of video poker gaming and the fact that is can be played with serious strategies, makes it one of the most popular games in online casinos. Essentially, basic video poker casino systems can be used to quickly and easily hold and discard the right cards, and increase the opportunities to form winning combinations. It’s even possible to play with auto-skill features at the best online casinos, giving casual gamers an instant experience of basic skill gaming. Naturally, it still isn’t easy to consistently beat online casinos at Video Poker, and highly skilled gaming takes a long time to develop. Furthermore, video poker success requires the nerve to ride through volatile gaming sessions. However, video poker is probably the most popular and viable skill game for most gamers in online casinos.

Whichever game you select to play in online casinos, and whether you opt for skill gaming or pure recreations remember to benefit from free cash bonuses before risking your own cash.

Online Casino Strategies

Check out our review of the strategy power of three of the online casino world’s most popular gaming niches then give them a go with some free casino bonuses.

Online Casino Slot Strategies

Strategy Power:

Slot machines are the ultimate when it comes to instant fun, rewards and potentially absolutely mind-blowing online casino jackpots! They provide real-feel arcade fun and awesome themed games and bonuses. However, is there anyway to boost you chances of success when playing slots in an online casino?

The answer is yes and no. Fundamentally, because online casino slot machines are based on pure chance, there is no way to use skill or strategy to win the big one. Even so called ‘slow’ slots that are no delivering any rewards, could suddenly hit an awesome $500 000.00 online casino win! However, some serious gamers do suggest that online casino players have a chance to potentially make a much more modest profit on a regular basis. The key to scooping regular slot cash is said to require some strict online casino rules:

  • Play with a weekly budget
  • Play online casino slots using a modest session profit target
  • Always use a slot session stop-loss with playing in an online casino
  • Select online casino slots that ‘medium’ level payout levels

Some online casino pro’s claim this is the basis of successful slot gaming, so give it a try.

Online casino Roulette strategies

Strategy Power:

Roulette is the ultimate game of sophisticated chance, in every online casino. However, that probability can potentially be levered into significant advantage using some cool online casino strategies, tricks and theories. One of the most famous and low risk online casino roulette strategies is the Andrucci chaos theory, which suggests that lucky numbers are not mere chance in many online casino games, including roulette!

For example, if you visit the live statistics page in a good quality online casino roulette game, you should find the number of times each number won during the current roulette cycle. The high frequency winners are, according to Andrucci, the ‘order among the chaos’! Although in the long term online casino numbers will even themselves out, some numbers really may be ‘hot’ from session to session. Thus, selecting numbers with a high strike rate in each cycle, may be used to potentially enhance your odds of winning. Once again, only experimenting for yourself will demonstrate the worth of any online casino system.

Online casino Video Poker strategies


If there is one game in the casino that is a genuine skill game that can create a real gaming edge it is video poker! Online casino video poker strategies provide rules about holding and discarding cards and making the moves that maximise the winning potential in every hand. Some online casino systems are very complex, and it’s not possible to instantly start making serious cash. However, it is possible to instantly boost your fun and rewards by arming yourself with a few simple online casino VP strategies, or even playing with the cool auto-skill features at the best online casino sites. Always make sure you play each genre of online casino video pokers with the right strategy to match the game!

Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Games, Strategies and Bonuses

Novice gamers can find a range of enticing online casino bonuses on the web, often delivering free gaming banks of up to $1000.00 and timed bonus sessions to bank as much free cash as possible. If you’re successful with a good online casino bonus session, it’s generally possible to end up banking around $100 to $200 (a very nice way to start gaming for real!). However, what are the best online casino bonus offers, what games should you play and can you use any strategies to boost you chances of success?

Online Casino Bonus Types

Most reputable online casino websites offer new gamers a form of registration bonus. However, there are significant differences between ‘no-deposit sign-up bonuses’ and ‘deposit bonuses’. Naturally, the online casino no-deposit bonus option is 100% free instantly giving you the chance to play to win free cash. In contrast, deposit bonuses generally reward you only when you make a cash deposit (such as deposit 50.00, get 50.00 free). The beauty of no-deposit bonuses is that there’s no risk of losing any cash, whereas the deposit offers have an attached risk (which isn’t attractive unless you’re a skilled online casino player).

Choosing Online Casino Bonus Games

Most no-deposit online casino offers launch you into a timed gaming session, with a limited time to place a minimum number of wager and win some cash. Online casino bonus sessions typically last for 60 minutes. Therefore, playing slowly isn’t very productive during bonus sessions! Most online casino experts agree that it’s best to select relatively simple gaming options and forget about picking games because they look amazing or deliver a really realistic casino simulation (there’s plenty of time for that once you’ve won some bonus cash!).

Using Online Casino Bonus Strategies

Online casino bonuses are risk free, so many gamers opt to play with dare and 100% pure luck a strategy that is bound to pay off when you hit a lucky session. However, unless you’re a skilled gamer who can get an edge over the casino, there are a few methods that can be used to boost your chances of success when you register for a new online casino bonus.

Play even-money games

Games such as roulette have betting options which deliver almost 50% probability of winning with every wager and are very fast to play. Even money wagers are a powerful way of ensuring you win frequently and by doubling-up after a losing or winning bet, you can quickly leverage you bank. Such strategies can be risky when you’re playing with your own money, but this time all the risk is with your chosen online casino!

Play hot online casino machines

Finding a ‘hot’ slot machine can quickly boost your bonus bank. It’s therefore a good idea to frequently switch machines if your game is burning away your funds. Select slot games that deliver medium sized payouts these are preferable to high frequency, low payout online casino machines!

Select auto-skill online casino games

Games such as video poker offer auto-skill features that automate which cards to keep, by highlighting the best options. These features make it fast and easy to play hundreds of online casino rounds without having to worry about which cards to hold and discard.

Ultimately, during online casino bonus offers, gamers only need to strike an average-good casino session, to bank some valuable free cash. It’s best to keep things simple and opt for safe wagers rather than go for long-shot bets or blow your bank with crazy bets. Of course, since no-deposit online casino offers are risk-free, if you really want to play like you’re a crazy Vegas high roller, you can!