Casino Roulette

Online Casino Roulette Bankrolls and Strategies

The first roulette wheel was invented by a French scientist Blaise Pascal in 1655 and word has it that he invented the wheel because he loved perpetual motion devices .in French the word roulette means small wheel. Roulette is a simple, fair chance game that draws crowds to its table that is according to the stake that is being played for.

A British man named Ashley revel sold every possession he had and headed to Las Vegas to bet $135 000 on roulette and he went home with $272 000 and he used that money he had won to start his own internet based poker site.

The odds of winning that big are very slim and that does not happen very often and people have studied the machines to try and come up with a way of winning every time. The first formula that was tried involve d doubling your bet on every lose and the point was if you won once you would recover all your money; this was called the martingale betting strategy. The Fibonacci also known as the dopey strategy, the player has to dissect the entire stake into 35 units and then play for as long as possible.

The two roulette types that are available are the, European and the American roulette. The difference between the two is the number zero on the wheel. the American wheel has two zero’s and it uses non value chips meaning that chips are of the same value and are cashed in at the table and the price is established at the time of buying the chips.

The European wheel has tokens with various values in amounts pre bet. The wheel is bigger than the American wheel. This type of roulette is said to be confusing not only for the players but for the croupier as well. There is a man who has a song written about him winning big at the roulette table in Monte Carlo, the song was written by Fred Gilbert. The man is said to have studied the roulette wheel and thus got massive fortunes after winning continuously.

Roulette is everyone’s favorite game to play this is evident from the huge crowds that gather around the tables on the casino floor especially if there is a player who is on a winning streak. It is truly a game of chance as evident from the English man who took a big risk and it paid off big time.

Simple Roulette Strategies

An increasing number of casual gamers want to try and make some cash from their casino gaming. However, while skill gaming is one way to try and lock-in profitable sessions, it can take a very long time to become a hardcore gamer. However, one game that could fit the bill is online roulette – fundamentally a game of chance, but in possession of several traits that make it potentially profitable to smart, daring players. Check out how to play roulette for a chance to win regularly, while minimizing the risks of losing.

Roulette bankrolls

Whatever your roulette aspirations, be they casual weekly fun or a crack at regular profits – it’s vital to approach the game with a cool head. Primarily, that means spinning with a pre-set limit and weekly budget. Like all casino games, roulette is best played with a ‘worst case scenario’ mindset, meaning you should think how much cash you can afford to lose (or rather, spend having fun!). So – hit the tables for pleasure, with a strictly leisure bankroll! Once you’ve set-up your max expenditure per week and session – you’re free to experiment with the very effective but also risky proposition of roulette systems such as the Martingale and Dozen strategy.

Martingale roulette system

  • Play roulette by starting with a 1 credit wager on even money (such as 1.00 red)
  • After a winning spin – quit
  • After losing spins, double your roulette bet
  • For example, 3 losing spins may look like; 1.00 red, 2.00 red, 4.00 red (win and re-start)

Dozen roulette wagering strategy

Playing roulette with the dozen system requires you to focus on the low (1-12), middle (13-25) and high (26-38) sections of the table – specifically spinning with no liability (1 unit red, 1 unit black) until you find a cycle of 5 spins where one section does not win (such as low, low, low, high, low). Then – you simply use the specific progressive staking plan out-lined below, until you get lucky.

Roulette spin Spin value
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 6
6 9
7 13
8 20
9 30
10 45
11 67

Systems such as the dozen strategy are proposed to have a very high probability of winning – often predicted to be up to 99.8%. However, the chance is still there to lose, and some gamers seem to find more luck than others. The good news is, roulette strategies are worth a chance, and if you play with a strict weekly limit and a few simple tips – you stand a chance of hitting profitable sessions, with only a small amount of risk.

  • Set your roulette limit in advance and play only with ‘leisure cash’
  • Split your weekly budget among several tables/casinos – ‘spreading your risk’
  • Set yourself a modest profit target – don’t get too greedy
  • Experiment using low stakes, bonuses and free roulette credits
  • If you desire higher stakes gaming, bank 50% of your roulette profits and re-invest the rest into your roulette bankroll.

High Strike Bets on Roulette

Professional roulette gambles and the ‘high strike bet’s

Considering many gaming authorities consider roulette to be a game of luck – it’s amazing how popular it is with hardcore professional gamblers. In fact, the world’s most infamous roulette tables have both made and lost fortunes, in places like Las Vegas, London and Monte Carlo.

However – why is roulette so popular with millionaire gamblers? The answer is simple – while it may be a game of chance and luck, the roulette table can be specifically approached to play ‘high strike’ bets. Essentially, with wagers like Red and Black offering a ‘near’ 50:50 chance, and the Dozen bets offering odds of 2:1 – playing with huge stakes can be amazingly rewarding (or costly) to players with massive bank rolls.

In fact, one of the most famous roulette gambles of all time was the work of a man from the UK, who re-mortgaged his house, jetted out to Vegas with the cash – and gambled every penny to his name of Roulette Red! Of course, while some roulette gambles go horribly wrong – this one hit the jackpot, and paid the mortgage in full!

High strike bets for casual roulette gamers

It’s pretty obvious that few online roulette gamers have the bankroll or want to risk hundreds or thousands at the roulette reel – but everyone would like to win! Now – while thousands of web gamers play roulette with sheer luck like lucky numbers and random betting patterns, there is one thing that casual gamers can take from the professionals – and that’s the ‘high strike bets’. However, unlike a hardcore roulette pro, you’re unlikely to get high profit sessions by simply placing 1.00 on red/black. Instead, you may want to try using roulette systems, which are designed to take advantage of the high probability wagers. For example, the famous Martingale System is a classic gambling system used by roulette gamers on the web:

Bet 1: 1 unit on red/black or odds/evens

  • If you win, quit the cycle
  • If you lose, spin again on the same wager, but with twice the amount (2 credits)
  • Continue the process until you win

While the professionals have their own high risk stakes to contend with – casual roulette gamers must weigh up the risks and rewards offered by gaming systems. They have a high statistical strike rate, which can deliver regular high profit sessions; however, no system is guaranteed and you’re probably hit a losing session before too long. Should you therefore avoid roulette systems? The answer is no – but you must use them with pro level discipline:

  • Play with money you can afford to lose
  • Use a sensibly low credit size
  • Learnt the roulette systems with bonus offers
  • Set a budget/stop loss limit (for instance, 6 bets and quit/re-start)
  • Bank your profits!
  • Always remember roulette systems can be very powerful, but you can lose. Prepare for your losing sessions and you could join the thousands of people getting long-term success.