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What is a slot machine game?

A slot machine or “slot” is a game where the player places a bet (stake) and spins reels featuring various symbols. If the symbols line up on the pay line(s) in a winning combination, the machine or game pays out according to the pay table. The lowest a winning combination pays, the most likely it is to show. The best thing about slot machines is that you can win many times your stake.

What is a fruit machine?

A Fruit machine is the same thing as a slot machine. Its a name for slots used mainly in the United Kingdom (UK).

What are the different types of slot machines?

– Straight Slots (flat tops): Slots with a fixed paytable (no Progressive jackpot)

– Progressive slots: Slots with a progressive jackpot i.e. a jackpot that grows as people play (a fraction of each player’s stake is added to the jackpot)

– Video Slots: Slot machines with a video screen (usually touch screen)

– Virtual or Simulation slots (sim slots): Slot machine games that are not physical slot machines like the ones you find in a casino or arcade. These slot machines are just a piece of software that emulates real slots. They however provide a similar experience to real slots and work in the same way. Web slot machines (online slots) are virtual slots.

– Three reel slots: slot machines with 3 spinning wheels on which the symbols appear. 3 reel slots

– Five reel slots: slot machines with 5 spinning wheels.

– Multi-line slots (Multi pay-line slot machines): Slot machines that pay on more than one line. The most common multi line slots are 3 or 5 line slots. The player can usually select the pay-lines to bet on. The more pay lines selected, the higher the total stake but the higher the chances of having any win on each spin. Multiline slots usually are 5 reel slots.

– Multiplier slots: Slot machines with variable stakes (number of coins and/or coin value). The winnings are a multiple of the stake chosen)

– Bonus Multiplier slots: Multiplier slots where the winnings are proportionally higher if you bet the maximum stake (maximum number of coins)

– Casino slots: Slots found in a casino (online or in the real world). Can be any of the above types of slot machines. Read Royal Vegas Casino Review – the best casino slots in the internet.

– Free slots: Slots that can be played without paying any money. These slot games are usually free virtual slot machines.

What does payout percentage mean?

It is the average percentage of money bet that the slot machine will return to the player. For example, if a player plays 100 on a 95% payout slot, the slot machine will return 95 on average. But of course, this is an average.

This means that one player may get less than 95 (even nothing) and another one will get more (possibly a high win). But over millions of plays, the slot machine with a 95% payout should return very close to 95 percent of all the money put into the slot.

Slots General FAQ

1) Play certified slots that guarantee at least a 98%+ payback.

2) How much do you bet for each max. spin? Cost should be a factor in your wager management plan.

3) Slots Myth: casinos can change payouts with a ‘flip of the switch. Not so, as this would require a computer chip change inside the slot.

4) There are three types of slots available: basic, progressive and bonus multi-line versions.

5) Basic Slots: Single payline and top jackpot remains constant.

6) Basic Slots are also known as straight or flat-top slots.

7) Progressive Slots: Jackpot numbers increase depending on amount of play from all linked machines.

8) Progressives: Overall payout % is lower than basics because of ever-increasing jackpot.

9) Bonus Video Slots: Offers an opportunity to go to a ‘second chance bonus round-screen.

10) Bonus Slots: includes multiple payline versions plus multipliers with bonus option.

12 Best Vegas Casinos for Slots

  • Best Vegas Slots, 1-3: Fiesta Rancho and Henderson locations, Palms.
  • Best Vegas Slots, 4-6: Boulder Station, Santa Fe and Rampart.
  • Best Vegas Slots, 7-9: Downtown: Main Street Station, El Cortez and Union Plaza.
  • Best Vegas Slots, 10-12: Sam’s Town, Palace Station and Texas Station.

Slots Machine Payouts

  • The following US States are mandated to report slot payout %’s that include video poker, keno and slot machines. The reporting is published by casino name. Connecticut, New Jersey (Atlantic City), Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.
  • The following US States are mandated to report slot payout %’s that include video poker, keno and slot machines. The reporting is published by gaming regions. Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado and Nevada.

Slots Players

Comps or complimentaries for rooms, food, beverages and other goodies are a casino’s compensation to the loyal player. However, the player has to earn them, and learn the rules of the comp game.

Just as you must be prepared and educated before entering any casino, so too is a complete education part of your casino compbat training.

Slot Club Cards are your entrance pass to Comp Heaven and table game players are included, as more casinos are patching you into the same rating system. Slot Club Cards now encompass all the games in the casino and it’s FREE!

Slots Clubs were started in Atlantic City due to the numerous daily bus tours. Casino execs were very aware that these quarter players, constituting most of their bottom line, could easily move next door to competing casinos, therefore, some incentive to remain loyal to their casino had to be established. This plastic marketing tool now comprises policy for most casinos worldwide.

Read the casinos literature, and question the individual slot clubs to determine which casinos give the most compromising bang for your buck.

You want to develop a best, better and good casino complete listing. There is no complaint list as it is only to your benefit as a player to join.

Compiling active status and total points plus the redeemable value of your card is mandatory for any competent player.

Analyze casino card club offers as to how they will compensate you, the games you play, the surroundings, dining/menu offerings, entertainment, and particularly cash back. Different factors for different folks.

What are you competing for: free room, free food, free shows, playing coupons, promotional items as take-home souvenirs, or cash-back? This will determine your slot club card choices.

To compare, the rebates available out there are:

All casino players have complied in the beverage category, so, let’s move on and sign-up for better returns with a slot club card.

RFB: The King of Comps: room, food, and beverage. All that any high roller or “whale” could comprehend, however, with some limitations– the low to medium rollers are eligible.

The concept of comps is to reward all players beginning with slot cards or being rated at the tables.

Cash Rebates: This is the first question you ask before signing on and most certainly would determine a higher casino rating for your compliance list. Turn the tables and rate the casinos when comparing slot cards.

Meal Comps: averaging 1 meal comp for every two hours of quarter machine play or 4 hours’ table play. I ask for a meal comp after a jackpot win and have never been refused. The casino wants to keep you at the company store. The biggest plus here is no standing in line you head straight for the VIP or Invited Guest short queue composed as you pass those other waiting diners.

Room Comps: Watch your mailbox for casino newsletters and companion room offers after sign-up or members can reserve rooms at the casino rate-generally a 50% reduction.

Another component is entertainment goodies. 2 for 1-weekday show coupons are readily available and members rewards can include a headliner show comp in the mail.

Promotional Gifts such as dice, cards, caps, t-shirts and that’s just for signing on. Your birthday greetings arrive with compatible meal, room and cash coupons aplenty.

Fun books and ‘lucky buck is compensation for table games usually worth one or two dollars. Put your bet down with these coupons and you’ve just reduced the house advantage and increased your chances of profit. Ask for these when reserving your room, registering, when your travel agent books or all three.

Swing by the bell desk, or front desk to pick up casino brochures or local freebie magazines and clip those valuable coupons.

VIP compatible for active members means special handling for all the above benefits even during the busiest times. Flash that card for valet parking, buffets, and room reservations.